Madhur Food Park Blog Latest Products Sun, 04 Jun 2023 00:20:49 +0530 en-us Maintain a Healthy Body using Cold-Pressed Soybean Oil Sat, 12 Mar 2022 10:32:10 +0530 Soybean is the most popular vegetable oil crop grown all over the world. Plant-based Soy oil extracted from Soybean is commonly used in processing mayonnaise, salad dressing, margarine, and non-dairy creamers. Nowadays, Soya is a popular plant-based meat alternative, and soybean oil is extensively used in the preparation of tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, and other similar products. Choosing the right type of soybean oil is essential, and among the various options only organic or cold-pressed are considered the best.    Cold-pressed oil is an unfiltered oil, also known as virgin oil which is purer. It is a method of oil extraction where oil is obtained naturally by crushing oilseeds at room temperature. There is no extra heat and chemicals required, only pressure is needed which makes it the healthiest variant of oil available to the consumers. That’s why cold-pressed soybean oil has more nutrition than refined oil in which during the refining process, the nutritional benefits are lost.   Cold-pressed soybean oil has several wonderful health benefits which makes it an excellent option to consider for everyday cooking including frying, roasting, baking, and sautéing. These days this vegetable oil is not just used in the kitchen but also used commercially in the manufacturing of many products across a wide range of industries. The Health benefits of soybean oil are-    It consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids which can assist in lowering the bad cholesterol level (LDL) that is a major cause of heart disease.    It has very high levels of vitamin K which helps in maintaining strong and healthy bones. It also helps in stimulating brain development and prevents osteoporosis.    Soybean oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that have several health benefits related to heart health, brain function, fetal development, and play a major role in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes.   It is extremely rich in vitamin E content which is an anti-inflammatory nutrient that helps to protect skin cell membranes from damage, infections, and skin conditions such as acne. Most skincare products have this vegetable oil as a primary ingredient.   To reap the benefits and nutrients of soybean oil, you need to be assured that it is cold-pressed and not refined. The quality of the oil depends on the cold pressed soybean oil manufacturer you choose. Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Telangana are the major producers of soybean. Due to the easy availability of soybean seeds to extract soybean oil, there are many manufacturers of cold pressed soybean oil in Dhule, Maharashtra. You must find a trustworthy cold pressed soybean oil manufacturer in Dhule who can offer high-quality products in the market.    The producers of cold-pressed soybean oil should take care of the following aspects-    They should work with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing services to deliver only safe and top-quality oil.   They should process the soybean in a hygienic environment under the supervision of deft professionals.   They should manufacture soybean oil without the use of heat treatment and other harmful chemicals. Only traditional methods of extraction should be used to keep the nutrients intact.    They should use high-quality packing material to pack the oil to avoid the chances of spillage during transit.   The producers of cold pressed soybean oil should be competent enough to meet the bulk requirements of the marketplace.   They should offer their soybean oil at customized packaging and price it by the rates prevailing in the market.   Conclusion    Therefore, it can be concluded that cold pressed soybean oil is one of the common household products which is not only cheap but also healthy. Adding this vegetable oil to your diet will keep you fit. Cold Pressed Cooking Oil Wed, 11 May 2022 14:46:38 +0530 Oils are an important part of our diet. They can be used in variety of foods which range from salads to main courses and mostly in snacks. Hence, the choice of a proper type of oil should be a deliberate decision because it has a significant impact on the cardiovascular health of a person.    The Method of Extraction:   The method of extraction for cold pressed cooking oil suppliers has a considerable influence on the quality and flavour of the oil. Oil-bearing nuts or seeds are crushed under pressure using low-heating techniques to obtain cold-pressed oils. The seeds are usually placed in a big cylinder and spun and crushed continuously until all of the oil is extracted.     Because the procedure does not employ high heat or chemical solvents, cold-pressed oils retain their inherent flavour, taste, smell, and nutritional content. In addition to providing basic dietary needs, cold-pressed oils have a number of health benefits.    They are classified as functional products and contain a wide range of bioactive components. Cold-pressed oils not only provide nutritional and physiological benefits, but they also improve the look of the skin and add a unique flavour to meals.   Benefits of Cold Pressed Cooking Oil:   • Good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids: Cold-pressed oils have a nutty taste and are used extensively in cooking. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are abundant in them. Vitamin E and phenols are also present, which help in reducing the blood cholesterol levels, protecting the liver from oxidative damage, and maintaining oxidative stress. Cold pressed sesame oils are an example of this.   • It helps in retaining a lot of the healthy qualities of oils: The refining of oils uses high heat, which damages Vitamin E and beta carotene. Cold-pressed oils maintain the healthy and nutritional qualities of oilseeds. Vitamin E contains anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects. The valuable antioxidants that might otherwise be destroyed by heat are preserved by cold pressing.   • Boosts the Immune System: Oleic acids, which are abundant in cold-pressed oils, help to improve the immune system. Natural antioxidants are also present, which assist in the prevention of cell damage in the body. Cold-pressed coconut oil, for example, is a great source of immune system booster since it is extracted without heating from fresh and matured coconut kernels. They include antioxidants, which protect them from free radical damage.   • Always has a higher nutritional value: Cold-pressed oils have high nutritional content and are thus suggested as a culinary option. They are rich source of Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acid. In addition, they contain zinc as well as vitamins A, C, E, D, lecithin, and potassium. Bioflavonoid is also found in cold-pressed oils.     Cold Pressed Cooking Oil Suppliers:    Some of the most prominent oil suppliers can be named Madhur Food Park, Indic Wisdom, and Food 4 you. These hail as cold pressed cooking oil suppliers in Maharashtra and have a stronghold in the Indian market as well. They are reliable brands that have been providing customers with the best quality of cold-pressed cooking oil on the market.   Cold-pressed oils are ideal for food prepared at medium to low temperatures due to their low smoking points, but hot-pressed oils are better for meals prepared at high temperatures. Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Suppliers in India Fri, 19 Aug 2022 16:10:21 +0530 Groundnut oil is a type of vegetable oil that is extracted from the edible seeds of the peanut plant. Another popular names for peanut oil are groundnut oil or Arachis oil. Peanuts are often confused with tree nuts such as walnuts and almonds, although they are a species of legume in the pea and bean family. Peanut oil does have a variety of tastes, ranging from light and sweet to robust and nutty, depending on how the peanut oil is processed.   Peanut oil is a mild-tasting organic oil that is generated from peanuts. Groundnut oil has a nutty flavor that reminds of peanuts. This oil has a higher smoke point, therefore it is widely used in the preparation of French fries. Three types of oil are available, which are as follows:   ● Refined peanut oil ● Unrefined peanut oil ● Roasted peanut oil.   Groundnut oil is quite popular in the region of China, South Asia, and Southeast Asia where it is often used for cooking purposes.   What is cold-pressed peanut oil?   Cold-pressed peanut oil: When the peanuts are crushed to extract the oil that is known as cold-pressed peanut oil. The method that is used to extract the oil is the low heat method which helps in preserving more nutrients and much of the original taste of peanut than refining.   Usage of Peanut Oil   ● Because of the neutral flavor of the peanut oil, it does not tend to interfere with the original taste of any dish. Therefore the oil may be used for various types of cooking, that includes frying, grilling, sautéing, seasoning, and tempering.   ● Groundnut oil is also used to make dressings and to garnish various dishes.   ● This oil can be reused several times by just filtering it and therefore make it cost-effective.   ● The oil does not readily get rancid and can be preserved for a long time if maintained in a cold, dark, and dry environment.   Nutritional Value of Peanut Oil   ● Groundnut oil helps in lowering the risk of heart disease by decreasing harmful cholesterol in the blood.   ● Groundnut oil also has a lot of vitality.   ● This oil might be used for treating serious health issues like cancer, obesity, and diabetes.   ● Peanut oil is found in various therapeutic oils that are used to relieve constipation.   ● Vitamin E is found in an abundant form in peanut oil that helps to maintain healthy skin while making it look young. It also helps in the prevention of premature aging, wrinkles, and the marks that are caused due to free radicals.   ● Groundnut oil has been positively shown to improve insulin sensitivity.   ● Groundnut oil is a very good and healthy source of unsaturated fats.   ● This oil also includes antioxidants, which protect the body from toxins and free radicals.   ● Groundnut oil also decreases inflammation when ingested regularly.     To reap all of the nutritional and health benefits of peanut oil, use only high-quality peanut oil. So, if you want the best quality cold pressed peanut oil, always contact Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Suppliers in India. Cold Pressed Soybean Oil Suppliers Are Affecting Your Health Positively Thu, 24 Nov 2022 14:51:33 +0530 Soya bean belongs to the category of legumes and is one of the most consumed foods in the world. These days the market is flooded with various soy-based products such as tofu, oil, and even green meat. All these products have gained immense popularity due to high demand amongst vegetarians and vegans. It is one of the most essential nutrients required in the body. Soya bean offers high-quality protein, super rich in saturated fats, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and phytoestrogens. Soybean oil is that vegetable oil which is extracted from soybean seeds. Typically there are two processes to extract the oil- refined and cold pressed. It is believed that most of the essential nutrients are reduced during the refining due to the heating process. Soybean oil from the cold pressed soybean oil suppliers is preferred over others as it retains the maximum nutritional content.  Cold pressed soybean oil is used in various industries including cosmetics, paints, food & beverages, and many more. But the most popular use of soybean oil is in the food industry only. Soybean oil has a clean, mild, and natural taste and imperceptible odor to enhance the natural flavors of prepared foods. Soybean oil's neutral flavor fits seamlessly into any recipe and allows you to enjoy the real taste of the food. It is widely used for-  Cooking or frying or roasting  Salad dressing  Preparing marinades  Barbecue sauces or mayonnaise  Baking  Soybean oil is highly essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is contact cold pressed soybean oil suppliers in India. Choose a genuine supplier who is popular for supplying soybean oil produced from cold pressing the soybean seeds. The benefits of this vegetable oil are not just limited to internal health but also to your skin and hair. Some of the detailed health benefits of including cold pressed soybean oil are as follows-  Protects your heart  Cold pressed Soybean oil is majorly composed of polyunsaturated fats which are known to lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Also, it improves blood circulation which results in regulating blood pressure levels. Hence, altogether soybean oil helps in promoting the good health of your heart.  Boosts bone health  Cold pressed Soybean oil is extremely rich in vitamin K, which helps improve bone strength. This reduces the risk of fractures and also helps in preventing osteoporosis. Promotes skin health Being rich in antioxidants, adding soybean oil to your daily diet can help you maintain your skin. It also helps in avoiding the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark circles. Soybean moisturizes your skin and makes it soft and smooth. Helps in hair growth  Consumption of soybean oil helps in increasing the level of amino acids and keratins in your body. This also strengthens your hair roots and improves scalp health. Maintains digestive health  Soybean oil is rich in fiber and lecithin which helps in diluting the insoluble fats. Thereby avoiding many digestive issues like constipation, acidity, bloating, and other similar problems.  Conclusion  Out of a dozen of oils available in the market, cold pressed soybean oil is the most consumed oil. This vegetable oil remains the first choice of many health enthusiasts as it is a great source of plant-based protein. Multiple Benefits of Using Cold Pressed Cooking Oil Tue, 28 Feb 2023 13:23:40 +0530 Cold-pressed cooking oils have various additional health advantages in addition to meeting nutritional requirements. These oils offered by cold pressed cooking oil suppliers contain a variety of bioactive components. In addition to enhancing skin and providing nutritional and health benefits, cold-pressed oils also give meals a unique flavour. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids From A Good Source The nutty flavour of cold-pressed oils makes them popular cooking ingredients. They provide a great deal of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also include vitamin E and phenols. Both of which lower blood cholesterol levels and shield the liver from oxidative stress. Cold-pressed sesame oils serve as the best example of these benefits. Keep Healthy Qualities The beta carotene and vitamin E are destroyed by the use of high heat during the refinement of the oils. Oils obtained through cold pressing maintain oilseeds’ beneficial properties. Inflammation-reducing and healing effects of vitamin E. Natural, good-for-you antioxidants are preserved by cold pressing, which heat would otherwise destroy. Powerful Immune System Boosters Oleic acids, which are abundant in cold-pressed oils and which support immune system vigour, are beneficial. In addition, they have natural antioxidants that lessen our body’s cell ageing. A good source of Immune system booster is cold-pressed coconut oil made from mature coconut kernels that have not been heated. They guard against free radical damage thanks to the antioxidants they contain. Superb Nutritional Value Because they are incredibly nutritious and can be used in place of cooking, cold-pressed oils are highly advised. The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids they contain are abundant in them. They also contain zinc, potassium, lecithin, vitamins A, C, E, and D, as well as other nutrients. Also containing bioflavonoids are cold-pressed oils. Good Tasting Food cooked in cold-pressed oil has an intrinsic flavour and flavour. Throughout the extraction process, the flavour and aroma are not destroyed by cold pressed cooking oil suppliers in India. It is a fantastic choice for cooking. The taste and flavour of cold-pressed oil complement the flavours of the spices. Trends In Skincare Cold-pressed oils, according to skin care specialists, can be used as a toner and moisturiser. They work well for frizzy hair and also serve as a hair mask. The face and neck are the greatest places to apply cold-pressed oils with scent components, vitamins, and nourishing agents. Cosmetic experts advise using cold-pressed oil as a base for makeup applications. It can be blended with tint or foundation cream. Conclusion You can cook using cold-pressed oil, which is perfect for dishes cooked over low to medium heat. Remember that the oil’s beneficial characteristics are preserved because the extraction method utilises little heat. Therefore, the goal of cooking is established by using high heat. For “oil-pulling,” an Ayurveda procedure, cold-pressed sesame oil is preferred. By swishing some oil in the mouth for a while, this procedure promotes healthy oral and dental health. To remove antioxidants from the body, use this effective procedure. Additionally, gingivitis and other oral infections and disorders are fought off by cold pressed cooking oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities, which also help to fight plaque. Fruit Pulp is Not Only Good for Health but Also the Palate Sat, 27 May 2023 11:11:14 +0530 We all know that fruits are good for one's health as it contains antioxidants and vitamins that are good for the body. They are an excellent substitute for receiving a healthy dose of nutrition. One of the ways to extract the most use out of the fruits is to eat their pulp. The pulp from the fruit pulp suppliers in India delivers more nutrients to the body. Why Drink the Pulp? Instead of eating the food right away, why eat the extracted pulp? Well, the pulp does not have any preservatives. It is fresh and contains the goodness of the natural fruit. It is more like a wellness hot that provides all the top benefits of the fruit. Why Consume the Pulp? People have always been drinking fruit juice for its health benefits. So why the sudden focus on fruit pulp? The fruit pulp is nothing but the endocarp of the fruit. The pulp has the enrichment with all the good nutrients and the juice. The juiciness of the pulp depends on the type of fruit one chooses. Some fruit pulps are juicier than others. For instance, mango is one such fruit with a juicy pulp. The pulp is not only for making juices but also has other purposes. Other Uses of Fruit Pulp • One can make juices, drinks, and nectars out of it • It serves as the base for jams and marmalades • It is best for making milkshakes Kind to the Skin When we talk about health benefits, the fruit pulp from the fruit pulp suppliers in India also benefits inner health. The pulp's antioxidants eliminate the body's free radicals, thus eliminating stress. It also contains skin-friendly vitamin A, which extracts the oil and dirt from the pores. Antioxidants are also known for slowing down ageing. Other Benefits of the Fruit Pulp The fruit pulp has a high Vitamin A concentration, which helps improve eyesight. It also makes the bone stronger. The nutrients from the fruit pulp boost memory as it has high iron content. It also keeps the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. Curbing excess blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it helps to fight obesity. The nutrients in the fruit pulp also prevent anaemia. Since many fruits are rich in Vitamin K, it keeps the red blood cells count in the blood intact. It is also responsible for improving heart health. The magnesium and potassium minerals in the fruit pulp enhance health. All the Health Benefits in Mouth Watering Packaging That One Can Easily Include in Their Diet. The puree of the fruits is highly beneficial for the individual's health, even according to doctors and dieticians. Therefore, one must include that in their diet. Even diabetic patients can have the rich fruit pulp per the diet instructions. The pulp is also rich in fibres which help regulate blood sugar levels.   When it comes to fruit pulp like mango, guava, apple, watermelon, and more, one must include them in their daily diet. In today's hectic schedule, many people miss essential nutrients in their daily diet. One foolproof way to ensure they do not miss the nutrients is to take the fruit pulps. The pulps give comprehensive nutrients in just a few gulps.